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1/2" Drill Chucks for 1/2" and 3/8" Impact Wrenches

This Cowan Chuck (shown below) is a 1/2" drill chuck designed to fit the square rotor of an impact wrench, or an impact gun, as some people call it. Now, an impact wrench can be used as a tool to drill materials such as concrete, cement, brick, stucco, stone, wood, etc., with this impact wrench attachment. An impact wrench makes a great hammer drill. Imagine being able to harness the power of an impact wrench into a hammer drill. This new impact wrench hammer drill utilizes the downward rotary hammer movement to drill more efficiently. The hammer action does not start until sufficient resistance is felt, which is after the hole is partly drilled, providing a nice clean hole. 

Many of our customers think of using our chuck in conjunction with masonry drilling. Try using it with a hole saw or a spade bit. You won't believe how fast the work gets done. 

This tool we call an impact wrench accessory, or an impact gun accessories, may also be classified as an impact wrench drill chuck, an impact gun accessory, impact wrench attachment, an impact gun attachment, an impact wrench chuck, an impact chuck, an impact wrench adapter, or a drill chuck for impact wrench. This tool makes a grate addition to a tool box. It's light and small in size, but very powerful. 

The Cowan Chuck Drill Chuck, made of hot work Chromed Molybdenum Vanadium tool steel, is a durable impact wrench accessory for a 1/2 inch impact wrench, hardened to our specifications. The pneumatic impact wrench and 1/2 inch drill chuck combination stays cool on the job. It's air-cooled.

Impact wrench accessories can be expensive. You won’t get this impact wrench accessory at a better price, and you won’t find this impact wrench drill chuck anywhere other than from J R COWAN Mfg.

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Want to drill faster?     Want to drill better?

1/2 INCH     $25.99

  COWAN CHUCK                                                                                  COWAN CHUCK
(FOR 1/2" IMPACT                                                                             ( FOR 3/8" IMPACT
WRENCH DRILL CHUCK)                                                            WRENCH DRILL CHUCK)



Your choice only $25.99      Patent Nos. D601,875 S
                                         D605,921 S
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Try my Cowan Chuck for 30 days. If at the end of the 30 days, you don’t think my Cowan Chuck is worth the money you paid for it, Send it back with your explanation. I will refund your purchase price.

John R. Cowan


        Why buy 2 or more chucks? These chucks connect/disconnect quickly. Put your starter drill in one and the larger/final drill in the next. Saves a lot of time when you have multiple holes to drill. It's faster to just change chucks.

Frequently asked Questions

What is an impact wrench, or an impact gun? I know that I have heard of it.

The correct name is impact wrench, (even if it looks like a gun). Remember the last time you had your tires changed? The technician walked over to the wheel of your car. In his hand he held a gun like tool with a long air hose attached. He then squatted down. You heard a whirring sound as the lug nuts were removed. That gun like tool is an impact wrench.

What is the difference between drilling with a hammer drill vs. an impact wrench?

The hammer in a hammer drill is more of a vibrator than a hammer. An impact wrench has a real hammer in it. For an excellent understanding and inside view of both a hammer drill and an impact wrench please see the illustrations, theory of operation, and inside views at

What kind of force does an impact wrench deliver?

The force is hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on the manufacturer and model. It is like having a small drill with a jack hammer in it.

Wouldn’t thousands of pounds of force break the drill bit?

No because the hammer travel is limited inside of the impact wrench. It is only allowed to travel a fraction of an inch.

Doesn’t all of that force hurt your wrist?

Not really. The hammer action/turning can actually stall but you won’t feel the rotary “kick back” that you get with an electric drill or hammer drill. In a stall, the electric drill wants to rip its way out of your hand.

Does the impact wrench drill faster than a hammer drill?

Yes, about 3X faster.

Does the impact wrench drill a clean hole?

Yes. By not applying a lot of pressure, you can start a hole clean without the use of the hammer. also, you can lighten up at the finish of the hole. The hammer will stop and the rotor will still turn. The result is a clean hole through and through.

What materials is the impact wrench drill suitable for?

Cement, Concrete, stucco, brick, stone, wood, metal etc.

What drill bits does the Cowan Chuck accept?

Any drill bit that will fit into a ½ inch drill chuck. Many larger bits have shanks that are cut down to fit into a ½ inch chuck. Cowan chuck accepts SDS drill bits too.

Drill bits get hot, don’t they?

In between the strokes of the impact wrench, the drill bit is cooling. With the hammer drill, the bit constantly turns. The operator applies a constant force. In between vibrations, friction continues. The bit is continually heating up. Sometimes they get so hot they discolor. With the impact wrench friction is much less. The hammer pulverizes the surface under the drill. The bit only has to remove it. Result is a much cooler, longer lasting bit.

Impact wrenches run cooler than electric drills, right?

The electric drill gets hot! Sometimes you have to wear gloves. That is no fun on a hot summer’s day. The pneumatic impact wrench NEVER gets hot.

Is the expelled air from the impact wrench useful?

The air expelled from the pneumatic impact wrench can be used to keep the debris away from the drill hole.

What about weight?

The impact wrench is much lighter. Many are less than 6 pounds. Electric drills get very heavy as the power requirements increase.

Do the hammer drill bits come loose when drilling?

Sometimes they do. The vibration of the hammer drill sometimes causes the drill bits to loosen up when drilling.

Does the drill bits in the Cowan Chuck come loose when drilling?

No. With the Cowan Chuck, you don’t even need to use the key. Hand tighten the drill into the chuck. When you start drilling, the hammer action auto tightens the chuck on the drill bit. When you stop drilling, you will find that the drill is so tight in the chuck, that you can hardly loosen it with the key. To loosen the drill bit is easy…Drill in reverse! Automatically, the bit loosens in the chuck. No more drill bits coming loose as with the hammer drill.

How does the impact wrench drill compare with the pneumatic drill?

The pneumatic drill runs at a much slower RPM. It has no hammer. The impact wrench starts fast to give a clean hole start. It slows down to the optimum speed for drilling when the hammer starts.

What about prices?

You can buy a ½ inch impact wrench for as little as $20 and a compressor for less than $160. Our Cowan Chuck sells for $20. That’s a total investment of $200. An SDS drill will cost a lot more than that. Many people already own a compressor. Then the cost is only $40.

What else?

If you had to make a ¾ inch hole in a concrete wall, would you rather lean against a 5 pound impact wrench drill or try to steady a 40 pound SDS hammer drill?

When you drill a hole with a pneumatic impact wrench, you can switch to a blow gun and blow the debris out of the hole.

Cowan Chuck with an impact wrench is a Do-it-yourselfer and contractor's "must have" tool.

Anything else?

Yes, our Cowan Chuck has demonstrated superb performance even when used in seawater! Go to page:

How about a little history ?

Yes. If you have a minute, I would like to share with you a true story. I wanted to install a fence around a pool. It was July, so I started early. I found that I needed to drill 17, 3/4 inch holes, 5 inches deep to accommodate the fence posts. So, out came my hammer drill. Three minutes later the drilling was going nowhere. It came to me that I would have to start with a 1/4 inch drill, graduate to a 1/2 inch, and finally I could drill the 3/4 inch hole. That was a lot of drilling and changing of bits!!

Two hours later, I had only 5 holes completed. That meant, that it would take all day to drill the 17 holes!! By now the sun was up. The temperature was rising fast. The perspiration was running off of my forehead. The drill was so hot that it felt and smelled as if it was about to burn up. There had to be a better way. I took a break.

As I mulled over the problem it dawned on me that what I needed was a better hammer drill. It came to me that an impact wrench might work much better. The problem was that there is a square end on an impact wrench and no way to attach a chuck for drilling.

I came up with a makeshift drill chuck attachment. The next day I tried my new drill chuck with my impact wrench. I was delightfully surprised at how much faster and cooler I could drill the rest of the holes. Two times faster! ...And that was how the Cowan Chuck enriched my day.




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